We've opened a little shop in Pioneertown where I'm selling hand made soap and hand spun, crocheted and woven items. We're open Saturdays and Sundays and are located next to the Pottery shop on Mane Street.

Bill will be bringing the spring kids to town, so stop by to see them, or give us a call and we'll figure out a time for you to visit the farm.


Pipes Canyon Pygoras live and play here in Pipe's Canyon, of course! We are located in one of Southern California's high deserts near Joshua Tree National Park, a beautiful backdrop for our pygoras to "work" at providing us with fun and fiber. We are devoted to maintaining a small herd of healthy, friendly goats with quality fiber.

If you are new to Pygoras, please follow the link to the PBA web site to learn why they are the handspinners dream, and why we think they are the perfect homestead goat.

Our goal is to place quality healthy goats with people who will care for them and enjoy them. Every one of our goats are pure bred and registered with the Pygora Breeders Association or the Pygora Colored Angora or can be registered. We practice closed herd policies to prevent the spread of CL and CAE. Our goats are wormed periodically and are kept up to date on necessary vaccinations. We (together with our grandchildren!) work (it's really not work, but fun) to make sure that our goats are sociable and affectionate, as well as healthy. Please feel free to contact us. We're always happy to talk "goats."

We love the wonderful goat's milk the pygoras provided us with and decided to add a couple dairy goats, namely Nubians, to the herd to afford us with even more milk for soap making, milk and cheese. Periodically we may have Nubian kids for sale. Check out our "For Sale" page.

We highly recommend the Biology of the Goat.


call us: 760-365-8281

email: pipescanyonpygoras.com

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